Get the kids involved!

Family history is fun, but why not get the kids involved – that’s something I’ve been working on with my two, Calum and Jamie!

Jamie’s older brother Calum was never one for caring about who was connected to who – Calum’s much more a story man, he loves hearing about who got up to what and when, but is not so bothered understanding how everyone connects. Jamie’s very different – he’s our wee Vulcan, he has to cross the t’s with everything, and to dot the i’s. Although I’ve occasionally told him some family stories, the conversation usually gets bogged down in process – how does he connect, who is that, why is she Irish but he’s Scottish – questions, questions, questions…! 

What we’ve doing from time to time is taking two ancestors – a husband and wife – and entering them into a tree chart, with details of their names and their BMD info. Once their names are in, I then tell him a family story about each. 

If you want to get the kids involved, there’s a few books might help:

  • Family History For Kids, Emma Jolly
  • How 2*t Ur Fmly Hstry, by Jane Starkie
  • Who Am I? The Family Tree Explorer, by Anthony Adolph
There are plenty of ideas in all of them to inspire!